The WoW Diary Kickstarter is #7

Despite my DSL dying Kickstarter Eve, The WoW Diary Kickstarter is very much alive. I spent the first eight hours hunched over the Ask Me Anything about Developing Vanilla WoW Event on reddit/wow/. I didn’t even look at the Kickstarter campaign during the 8-hour AMA, although reddit peeps posted news when it funded (it took about 8 minutes). This is all old news, but good news.

I’ve collected some of my interviews and promotional materials for anyone interested in a preview of The WoW Diary’s level of detail. Feedback is very positive for my Scholomance article. I’ll have a second promotional article available next Monday on Wowhead.

The WoW Diary is the seventh largest non-fiction Kickstarter in history! The sheer number of the Kickstarter backers has changed logistics; increasing the preparation I need to do for the post-campaign fulfillment and data management. I’m also looking into ways to alleviate shipping costs for overseas, but I am dubious.