Like a Fish in Water

Quarantine life agrees with me. I’m reclusive anyway, so avoiding social engagements isn’t unusual. I miss my family, but I’d rather keep to myself until the medical community finds a vaccine. I’ve finished my first front cover art and I’m happy with it, although I might tweak the colors or designs. This cover took a few months to finish, but it gave me a chance to listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series. I can’t listen to Podcasts when I write, so I took the opportunity to do so while I created my cover. I’ve also discovered Brandon Sanderson’s YouTube channel, where he posts classroom lectures on writing. The first few episodes are sensible strategies for writing, but every episode after #5 was wonderful. I highly recommend them.

I already finished five drafts of the first book, and I’m only looking for typos or changing things for consistency. For the most part, it’s done. A couple of beta readers finished it in two days, so book one is getting positive feedback. I’m writing the second book at an average rate of two-thousand words per day. I’m about 70% done with the first draft and writing it is such a joy that I’m bracing myself for the subsequent drafts. Editing and rewriting things isn’t a joy. But I am pushing things to a level of excitement and creativity that I hadn’t expected when I first started, so I’m feeling good about where things are going.

If anyone is interested in being a beta reader for the first book, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the ebook.