Progress and Sidetracks

I’d finished the second Book of Dungeons, The Plans We Make, at 106,000 words and finished my last (5th?) revision of the novel preceding it. My year-long ambition to write and polish 3 books and create a cover was on track when I received an email from my landlord about renewing my lease. I did the math and realized how much rent was costing me, so I began hunting for houses. A week later, I closed on my first home in a quiet little suburb called Cuyahoga Falls and will be moving in next week.

Cuyahoga National Park

I’m taking October off and enjoying the fall colors on 14-mile hikes along the Cuyahoga River. These salubrious constitutionals calm my nerves while I arrange for my big move. The month seems like it’s lasting forever. I miss writing and feel self-conscious from stalling my series, but my nerves are too frayed to concentrate. After I settle into my new burrow, I’ll plunge into my work again.

Before my sidestep, I was about 10 pages into revising my second book and was pleased to find it much more polished than the first. In addition to being a more experienced writer, I discovered a training-wheels app called Grammarly, a $10/month gizmo that catches hiccups that spellcheckers don’t. I heartily recommend it.

I’ve also decided to release my first book for free on a website called in 2021 that works in tandem with Patreon which I’ll need to support my writing career. When that time rolls around, I’ll include a linkypoo.